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7 Self Defense Go Bag Options

Self Defense Go Bag Options for your Firearms. These are for Organizing Your Gear. Check Local & State Laws before you Travel with these set-ups.

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7 thoughts on “7 Self Defense Go Bag Options

  1. Meanwhile in Europe, while it wouldn’t be too hard to illegally aquire even a Kalashnikow, we would be really happy, if we could legally carry a F-ing knife!
    We get a fine for carrying knives (in Britain even prison sentences AFAIK) and prison awaits those that aquire firearms (aquisition and ownership of military grade firearms and explosives are even more severely punishable offenses). So in principle I can only legally own weapons that were invented before 1300 and only carry knives that are less than 2 In long and can neither be opened in one hand nor locked in place…

  2. •Water
    •More Water
    •Extra Water
    •Backup water for your emergency water
    •Primary concealed pistol + one spare mag = 33 rounds of freedom
    •Several Vanilla Crisp Powerbars

    These are my top priorities here in the Arizona desert, with the Power Bars being optional. Although they take up very little room and very little weight, so you have no reason to omit them from your inventory.

    Keep up the good work my friends.

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