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Apocabox June 2018 – The Flatline Box (and Project Demo)

The June 2018 Apocabox is the Flatline box. It features some First Aid related gear and a really cool tool that lets you make very good cordage from a common trash item. And, for the first time, we’ll do a project demo and see how well this month’s survival project works. Stay tuned.

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8 thoughts on “Apocabox June 2018 – The Flatline Box (and Project Demo)

  1. You can actually get in on Kickstarter for a Stringamajig version 2. The new version will have an adjustable blade so you can make different thickness of cordage. Along with a few other things on it. Great videos. Keep up the great work!

  2. I saw a do it yourself in the woods version of the bottle cutter a long time ago. Couldn’t find the video I was thinking of, but I did find this one which is similar. Don’t have to carry a doohickey this way.

  3. Always enjoy your videos but you got ripped off by this subscription this month . For $65 you could have gotten better stuff at Walmart. Good for you though for trying tp make the best out of the junk the sold you. Anyway God bless and can’t wait for your next video

  4. Bryan, have you ever seen one of these inflatable hammocks? They’re around $20 shipped and you can use them anywhere. I like how easily they pack and inflate.

  5. Hey Brian, you talk to fast, you talk to slow, you ramble to much lol keep up the good work brother lol Oh and your southern accent is to deep lol jk

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