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Battlbox Mission 42 Unboxing – Tracking Box

This Battlbox unboxing is Mission 42, the Tracking Box. Use the coupon code SURVTEN and save 10% off your subscription at:

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18 thoughts on “Battlbox Mission 42 Unboxing – Tracking Box

  1. Battle box really need to ship to Australia I’ve wanted to join for a long time but because they don’t ship internationally it really sucks, so can you with all your connections get them to ship at least to oz by the way love the videos keep up the good work.

  2. Always love your videos, but battlebox has never been anything more than trinkets and gimmicks to me and everyone I know. It looks like something only keyboard warriors would sign up for. (aside from reviewing of course). I’d expect to find this junk at Harbor Freight or somewhere similar. You saved me money though, and that’s worth more.

    1. I have to say Wazoo and TOPS knives are not gonna be found at Harbor Freight. But, like I said, not for everybody

  3. My thought is that I’d there are even one or two really good items then it’s totally worth it. It seems that this fits the bill. Not every item is gonna be a hit…. insert box of chocolates analogy

  4. Great video as always, sorry to hear about the broken arm, but your son’s heart is very strong, you should be proud of him. Practicing drums too. This box has good and mediocre elements, might have been more useful combining tracking and trapping,maybe that’s too broad. Like that knife a lot. Maybe online videos dedicated to tracking?
    BTW is the skunk a secret sign? lol

  5. Thanks for sharing, I have been a certified visual man tracker for 30 years, IMHO I believe this would be a excellent tool/aid for teaching young scouts/kids. God bless

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