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Bowdrill Friction Fire with MSK1 Survival Knife & Pine Wood

I decided to try a bowdrill friction fire with the MSK1 survival knife using pine wood for the spindle and hearth board. I got the idea to try pine from Matt Graham a couple of years ago.

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7 thoughts on “Bowdrill Friction Fire with MSK1 Survival Knife & Pine Wood

  1. Congratulations Mr. Bryan!!  I guess I need to get off my back-side and try this.  Guys like Matt Graham and Dave C  make it look easy but they’ve done it so often I guess they’ve paid their dues.

  2. Most people use too much pressure on the spindle …. They char the shavings (dust) before it accumulates in the hearth groove…
    For a great demonstration go to. Far North Bushcraft and Survival….. Lonnie is a master at it and explains the bow drill better than any I have seen…
    It is a tough fire making skill to master….
    Nice to finially make a ember ….I know the feeling! 😀
    Best Wishes Brian!

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