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8 thoughts on “Coleman CM2022 Survival Knife Test & Review – Tactical Show

  1. Does always being the manliest guy in the room ever get old? Or is brother Tact’ used to it by now?

    1. Seriously though, you didn’t have 1 bad thing to say about this knife in your entire video. Could this in fact be the best knife of all time? 😄👍

  2. Well, this is weird. I got TWO of those Bud K knives from Sportsmans Guide about a decade ago for about $12 total. Threw them into some Emergency Kits and forgot about them until last year. Glad to hear that they are better than they cost. I plan on Dremeling off the handles and the guard, stripping off the Rhino Lining coating, run them through the Work Sharp, and replace the handles with a section of Axe Handle. Got to admit, they held an edge okay and they didn’t chop too bad even with those Used Tire Handles. Thanks for showing it, Brother. Titties and Free Beer forever!

  3. According to Coleman the blade steel is 3CR13 stainless and the handle is a zinc aluminum alloy.

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