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Condor Primitive Bush Mondo – Preparedmind101


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12 thoughts on “Condor Primitive Bush Mondo – Preparedmind101

  1. Hello Chris… are you sure this knife is 420HC? The MG Primitive Bush is a satin finish 420HC. However… Many/Most Condor in this size range are 1075… so wondering if this is polished 1075. It looks to be different stock, finish, and thickness (maybe actually even thinner) than MG Primitive Bush.

    1. Chris, you have ALWAYS been awesome at admitting when you’ve made a mistake. I wish all gear reviewers had your integrity. My hat is off to you sir and keep up the great videos!

    2. Thanks Chris, I thought that might be the case concerning the blade’s steel selection. Environment/conditions and intended uses would be key to choosing something like this. I see this as a hybrid of an old’ Hickory Butcher and a machete.

    3. Barry Bueler And at least that way, especially if your buying at or above the $100 mark, you know you’re not buying a knock-off.

    4. Amazon gets alout of things wrong handle materials blade steels country of origin when it comes to knives I’d go with DLT Trading ,knifeworks ,knives ship free,knife center ,bladeops for your knives it’s what they do and there prices are usually as good and even better sometimes than amazon.

    5. You’re right I checked. Amazon has it wrong. They had the best price and I was going off what was right there. And what they have on the page for THIS blade is 420HC, but on Condor its 1075. That’t my mistake for not catching it.

  2. Lol don’t jump bro ya got it done 🙂 v nice knife. What’s the deal with the holes in the blade I noticed that his other blades at the show had the same ovial hole in about the same place

  3. Those in the belt or in your pants sheaths and holsters are great for you skinny guys but us stout guys it’s a no go.

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