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CP Kydex Condor Crotalus Dropleg Sheath with Bic Holder

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9 thoughts on “CP Kydex Condor Crotalus Dropleg Sheath with Bic Holder

  1. Sometimes you gotta reset. Nothing wrong with that. Good to see you busy with the business. Thanks. Tony.

  2. So you make custom sheaths? Can you make any for uncommon knives? I have a Ontario Shank that is in need of a good sheath and have been looking for one since the stock one is little more than melted together nylon.

    1. Yep I’ve been in business for almost 2 years now. You’d have to send the knife in to have the sheath made though.
      Go to my website for a quote.

    1. I don’t give prices in the comments of videos because they will change.
      If you want a quote on a sheath you can get a quote through my website.

  3. sheaths are great looking sir !! I would love to have a D ring dangler for sure. blessings to you and your family!!

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