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CRKT Humdinger GAW Winner – Preparedmind101

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9 thoughts on “CRKT Humdinger GAW Winner – Preparedmind101

  1. IDK, how do we know this wasn’t rigged? Im always sus on these give away guys. Why dont we ever see the winners with the prize?

    1. Am I supposed to fly them out and trot them in front of the camera? I found an actual random comment generator. Don’t know what else you expect me to do. You can clearly see the name and the comment, so why don’t you take the time to find it and reply to their comment and ask them?

  2. That’s a little sexist, how do we know Jamie is a guy? I work with a Jamie, totally not a dude. Just saying šŸ˜‰
    Congrats either way!! Nice knife, nice sheath too.

    1. Sexist to imply Jamie is a man or woman. Jamie is not a man or woman. In fact Jamie recognises as “all”.

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