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DIY – Airplane SURVIVAL KIT – 37 Crazy (TSA Compliant) Items You Need in an EMERGENCY

Wow! There 37 Survival Kit Items MADE it through TSA Check Points. Survive a Potential Airport, or In-Flight Disaster… LINKS Below…

NOTE / Disclaimer: All of the items shown in this video have made it through TSA checkpoints many times… However we can NOT guarantee that they always will. TSA rules change all the time and TSA agents have the authority to confiscate whatever they deem necessary.

List of Gear Shown in Video (with Amazon links):

Tactical Flashlight:
Wazoo Bracelet:
USB Rechargeable Headlamp:
Kleen Kanteen:
Water Filter Bottle:
Solar Panel:
MacBook 12:
Best Bluetooth Headphones:
BG Backup Headlamp:
Anker USB Power Bricks:
Ultra Thin Bible:
Best Compact Reading Glasses:
Waterproof Note Pad:
Best Sharpie:
Best Bullet Tactical Pen:
Travel Kits:
Bees Wax Lip Stuff:
BOSS Sunglasses:
Travel Wipes:
Disinfectant Wipes:
Bug Spray:
Best Travel Dark Chocolate:
Beef Bars:
Kind Bars:
Buffs Headware:
Leather Gloves:
Wool Scarf:
Silk Sheath:
SAS Survival Guide:
Nylon Underware:
Wool Socks:

N100 Mask:
Swimming Goggles:
Examination Gloves:

Water Purification Tablets:
Survival Duct Tape:
Bulk Emergency Whistle:
Timex Compass Watch:
Handcuff Key:
Camp Can Opener:
UCO Matches:
Wet Fire:
Ferro Rod:
SOG Sharpener:
Tool Card:
MSK-1 Micro Survival Kit:

David’s Pants:
David’s BEST EDC Shoes / Boots:
Paracrod Belt:
Wazoo Cache Hat:

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– MSK-1 Multi-Scenerio Knife (no this is NOT TSA approved : )

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7 thoughts on “DIY – Airplane SURVIVAL KIT – 37 Crazy (TSA Compliant) Items You Need in an EMERGENCY

  1. May I recommend a Leatherman Style PS for your kit? I take mine on the airlines nearly every time and it gives me some very basic tools. I’ve learned to butterfly the tools out to show there is no knife and put it in the loose change holder.

  2. Thanks.
    Please guys, open your mind to other possibilities and watch videos about a SHTF scenario (worlwide catastrophe) you don’t know yet. Brian Austin Lambert 33 channel. . One day you will thank me.

  3. There has been a lot of bad press recently about passengers delaying airline evacuations by trying to take their hand luggage with them. It is not just a matter of the time taken to pick it up. It is also the fact that the emergency chutes are just air-filled plastic. So staff have to stop passengers with bags, and make them put them to one side, to eliminate the risk of the chute being ripped.

    This in itself contributing to the delay (and creating a trip hazard near the door). But necessary, as deflating the chute would create the greater risk to life.

    Then take another look at your bag, and realise just how dangerous it would be, in such a situation.

    Of course preparing is important, and people have had to survive after aircraft crashes. Plus it is possible that the bag can be salvaged, and it will have use. But it is better to adjust your strategy to fit with the best practice for a controlled evacuation.

    So I would suggest making a compact kit that could fit in a pocket (for instance an ‘Altoids tin kit’. Or, alternatively, be strapped on part of the body (say in the small of the back), where it is not likely to create a snag hazard, or a chute ripping risk. And then be in the habit of ensuring that you put it in place as soon as you have passed through airport inspection. So that there is no delay in finding it, in an emergency.

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