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EDC Fixed Blade VS. Folder: ESEE Zancudo VS. Izula – 5 Things To Consider

Fixed blade OR Folder for your everyday carry – which one? In this video we look at these 2 options and consider the ESEE Izula and the ESEE Zancudo. I like both and honestly I am still undecided on which one I like more for EDC. Check it out!

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10 thoughts on “EDC Fixed Blade VS. Folder: ESEE Zancudo VS. Izula – 5 Things To Consider

  1. I have an Izula and small Olight on a sheath that I wear just about dead center on the front of my belt. Really tough to conceal fixed blades, even if they are small. But I prefer fixed blades, and my sheath is very comfortable

  2. It depends how much I have to carry. Also am I going to be in and out of that pocket. Am very self conscious of scary knife syndrome do to having my CCW. Luckily even though I live in suburbs most people in the area are very who cares about a knife. Still I think about someone that just may be scared. Funny no one cares about a multitool.

  3. I live in Commufornia, so avoiding contact with the law is of paramount importance. The state laws are actually great (fixed blades are legal and there is no length limit). But the vast majority of local jurisdictions restrict the length to 3 inches or, more commonly “less than 3 inches”. But here the laws generally mean nothing. A LEO can simply take any knife from you if they think it is “startling” people. And in this liberal state a fixed blade would definitely startle most people. It enrages me that we must take that into consideration, but it’s simply the way it is.

  4. Very old debate i like what i would call a gentlemans knife like a case pocket knife.

    But if am going to be doing heavier tasks or bush craft i like a fixed blade.

    But if i had to choose one i would pick the leatherman wave.

  5. I find when I carry a fixed blade the deployment isn’t the issue it’s when I go to resheath the knife it takes more coordination than a folder. I usually have to have my eyes on the whole process. Where as a folder I can do pretty much blind folded.

  6. I carry a Spyderco Native daily. I used to carry a Benchmade but it did look scary to some people. The Native looks more innocent and less intimidating. I love carrying both knives though. If I lived in a smaller town I’d carry my Izula daily. I prefer the Izula II over about any other knife. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. But when camping it gets way more use than my Esee 6. Good topic video. Also one last thing. I carried that Benchmade folder for about 15 or more years. It’s in my retired box now but still has a pretty solid effing lock to it.

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