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7 thoughts on “Get Home Bag for SHTF

  1. It’s just cosmetic, but I just can’t get into the look of the laser cut Molle. I prefer the older “normal” style lol.

  2. Gonna need this for when the DEMOCRATS rig the election this fall for there own benefit!!! We will not go quietly!!!!

  3. That pack is very similar to my Fieldline Tactical pack I got from Walmart for $20.
    Perfect size for a GHB.

  4. Great get-home kit, Don! I like the suggestions for FLIR & HAM radio.

    I keep my fire kit in a small Pelican Case…it’s the 1010 I think. It definitely keeps water out!

  5. Great kit Sootch….I have a “minimalist” get home/survival kit in my work bag. My work bag is a 5.11 Rush 12. My GH/survival kit is a Wal-mart fanny pack based of the rule of 3s and 5 Cs of survival for basic needs. I work at a Hospital-based EMS agency as a Critical Care Paramedic so if something should happen I can utilize my rig to get home OR pack what I need in my backpack and abandon it and walk out.

  6. Even for people who aren’t quite ready to embrace a bug out/WROL type scenario, a GHB has always struck me as such a sensible idea. It’s great insurance and depending on how you set it up, it it can come in handy for situations that are more common than a full blow disaster/emergency. I keep mine in my car and have had mechanical break downs, had to unexpectedly spend the night in town or simply forgot some critical piece of gear on a hiking trip. My point is that while I pray I’ll never have to use my GHB for its intended purpose, it’s already saved my bacon on a number of occasions. Mine’s a bit more civvie/grey man oriented than yours Don, but you’ve given me some new things to think about and I always appreciate that you help raise awareness of the need to prepare for the unexpected. Thanks for all you do!

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