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Gun Gripes #166: “Disposable Society”


We do live in a society that tends to buy items that will be thrown away rather than spend the extra money on items that will stand the test of time and hard use. We may have gotten off on a tangent in this video, lol. Stay tuned, much more on the way.



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7 thoughts on “Gun Gripes #166: “Disposable Society”

  1. Sadly, I just don’t own anything that warrants the extreme quality of those leather goods. Is that due to disposable society, or an I just cheaping out my ARs having a Plano case? It works. . .

  2. “If you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself” there’s a reason why this saying holds true. Anyone can do it but whether they do it correctly or not is always a crap shoot. But if you do it yourself then you know exactly how deep you’re willing to go to make it right.

  3. you’ll love this m77. I popped into a gun store a few months ago i wasn’t really looking to buy anything but i pop in the local pawn shops now and then to see if i can find a deal. now this pawn shop is by my parent’s house so stopping by is always an after thought when i’m heading there. I have been responsible for getting them to pull no less than 3 guns off the shelves because they were is such bad condition that they would have hurt somebody. including a taurus view that would drop the hammer overtime you pulled it back without pulling the trigger and another revolver that had a chamber that would fall off the gun when you squeeze the trigger. so they didn’t like me. but one day i saw something odd. it was a bolt action with a wacky 3rd party stock. i asked to see it. i took the rifle and flipped it over to see it’s engraving. to my delight i saw RUGER M77 no mark 2 or 3. just an m77. but there was more. i liked in your video how you said m77 stock must be made out of unobtanium. well this previous owner got around that with a custom made stock. no brand name on it. i it also had a custom trigger on it that was very very light. so i tried to haggle but like i said the pawn shop and I weren’t on the best terms. if i see something dangerous i’ve got a duty to say something. sense they wouldn’t haggle i convinced them to let me field strip the weapon. it had a custom timney trigger in it, the barrel had been bedded with a very smooth and consistent epoxy. AAAnd there was rust prevention goo all in the barrel. I put it on layaway for 400 bucks. i’d show pictures but i can’t in a simple response. anyway thats my NON-DISPOSABLE rifle. aside from my m-38 finn mosin.

  4. LoL.! My family’s pasture land is bordered by a 4 strand barbed wire fence that my father helped build in 1982. Before I was born. To this day, you can pluck those wires like guitar strings.

  5. Its called bottom line. Manufacturers cut cost to increase their profits. Use cheaper materials to produce the same items for less but charge more because “new manufacturing techniques” and name branding. Then you’re mad because it cost more but last a shorter time than the part you’re replacing. But nobody calls out manufactures since its more convenient to go get another “latest and greatest” version of what just crapped out. So who’s at fault the makers or the buyers?

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