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Hidden Woodsmen DIY Survival Kit List – Guess The Missing Item

Here’s my latest DIY Survival Kit list of what I included in the new Hidden Woodsmen Survival Kit (the Possibles Pouch 2.0). I think I have all but one of Dave Canterbury’s 10 C’s covered in this kit. Can you tell which one is missing? (Hint: I always have it with me anyway)

Here’s links to all the gear shown in the video (most links support this channel):

The Hidden Woodsmen Haversack:

Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller:

Thermacell Backpacker Refill Mats:

JetBoil Isobutane/Propane Fuel:

Hidden Woodsmen Possible Pouch 2 (Survival Kit):

Large 27” Cotton Bandana:

UST Strike Force Firestarter:

Thrunite TC12 Rechargeable Flashlight:

HydroBlu Sidekick Filter Straw:

Catahoula #18 Tarred Bank Line:

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife:

Survival Frog Tact Bivvy:

UST Star Flash Signal Mirror:

Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool:

Exotic nanoSPARK:

TK4 Tourniquet:

Black Diamond Ion Micro Headlamp (current version):

UST Jet Scream Floating Whistle:

Exotac fireSLEEVE BIC Lighter Cover:

Exotac tinderZIP Firestarter Zipper Pulls:

Exotac candleTIN Nano 4-Hour Candle:

HydroBlu VersaFlow Water Filter:

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm:

Exotac ripSPOOL:
Sorry, this product has to been released yet.

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10 thoughts on “Hidden Woodsmen DIY Survival Kit List – Guess The Missing Item

  1. Cool video, cool gear, cool kit. Looks like you have it covered, as long as you don’t lose your direction. A 10 C’s kit needs a compass.

  2. 10 min video shoved into 20 min. Please stop rambling! 4 min into video before you actually got into your kit. Now for the good: thanks for videos, well thought out kit. Appreciate your passion for teaching and sharing. Thanks!

    1. Didn’t mean to sound that harsh! Lol
      Great channel. Keep up the good work. And yeah……who doesn’t like Dragnet? Lol

  3. I am shocked!  Truly shocked.  No fatwood of any kind.  How can you keep up morale without the comforting smell of fatwood?  Georgia may have to deport you.   ;0)  Thanks for the video Mr. Bryan.

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