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How Much Survival Gear Does a Prepper Really Need?
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9 thoughts on “How Much Survival Gear Does a Prepper Really Need?

  1. A great question to throw out there and one I have thought about for years hearing people questioning such. What I have observed and I guess made an theory on is a person needs what they need to get the job done and some are workers who need lots of tools for their use on different jobs and some people are employers who have no interest in doing the work theirselves but rather hire a person who has the tools. All has to do with what we each want out of life and enjoy whether it be enjoying just the moment or thinking ahead and being prepared.
    Hope you get to feeling better.

  2. Imo ain’t nobody’s business but your own. Just chalk it up to ignorance or jealousy and move on.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. TFS and ATB 😀

  3. My wife questioned me as to why I carried 8-10 rods in my bass boat. I used to tell her .. they’re ‘tools’ You can’t take out a Phillips head screw with a crescent wrench or drive a nail with a screwdriver.. lol I need different rods for different situations. Same with knives and gear. Why is that hard to understand? lol

  4. Hope u are feeling better!!!! so true!!!! each one has there place and job they do. Just like a house painter, plumber, carpenter may have many of the same type looking tool, they all have there special task they do better then others. I think its ones that don’t understand things. Yepers I have a bunch of flashlights too

  5. I will tell you how much survival gear a prepper needs,,,. A prepper needs as much gear as it takes to get the job done.

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