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How To Build A FARADAY Cage that actually works

How To Build A FARADAY Cage that actually works
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12 thoughts on “How To Build A FARADAY Cage that actually works

  1. FWIW here in the US you can buy a copper clad ground rod and purpose built clamp for grounding. Every occupied building should have one already.

  2. Not sure you needed to remove the seal at all, seeing as it is a full-contact seal; I would probably have just used sand paper on the contact surfaces. Also, the lid can be grounded to the can by using a short wire connected to both. Some of the items you placed in the can likely wouldn’t be affected by an EMP–the battery chargers. There’s not a lot of actual data about exactly how modern devices would be affected by EMP, though, so, I guess better safe than sorry.

  3. Lilly, I have a couple questions for you and your engineer friend. First, is there any reason to solder a wide or copper strap between the can and lid? I was thinking about taking the paint off back by the hinge to solder a jumper to the lid and can, but is that not needed? Then similarly, what about soldering the ground wire to the Faraday cage?

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