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How to build an automatic fishing pole

How to build an automatic fishing pole

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11 thoughts on “How to build an automatic fishing pole

    1. I got the knife, and it is awsome. Just a few hints and tips: This first version that I got, have a small unevenness between the grip blocks and the tang, which allows water to sip in between the tang and the handle. If that is saltwater, it will eventually get stuck there and make the tang rust, even if it is stainless. So the tip is to either use a small very thin layer of rubber or silicone to make it sealed, or just use plenty of wax to seal it.

      I screwed my knife handle apart and waxed all the bolts, screws, blocks and the tang so that I make sure no saltwater gets in there without a fight. I then put more wax in the little nooks and crannies that still needed it. I applied plenty of wax. You can heat up the tang a little in warm water to make the wax melt into the small cavities and seal it even further. Once the knife has been waxed, it will survive longer than you yourself ever will. The type of wax I used was that used for bowstrings.

      Great knife, even though my grind was a bit skewed. It is still a very good tool with sharp back and decent weight. Not the heaviest, but also not the smallest. A good all rounder. Best at nothing, but great alone. Always bring the best tool for the right job. This knife can do it all in a pinch, without breaking. I can disassemble the knife and make it into a spear without much effort, which is great for survival and hunting boar.

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