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10 thoughts on “How To Tap A Maple Tree For Syrup : Tactical Show

    1. Tac where r u man come bk . Fucking bulshit think everyone is having hard times at the minute but hope u ok u should do a video tho u got the best Chanel on YouTube don’t let it go mate

    2. Tactical I figured I wouldn’t mention it then I imagined how I would feel if I put a lot of work into that and wasn’t getting any syrup. I assume that tree maturity has somehing to do with production? Also, that thumbnail for the video is really a great image. I am looking forward to future videos on the subject. Love y’alls vids, thanks.

  1. Cool change of pace w/ vid content! So off the cuff. I’d make me some bad a$$ moon shine w/ a batch of that from you!

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