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8 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Wear This Shirt 2 Weeks Ago… | Primal Life Vlog – 023

  1. A rack of ribs isn’t really that bad. It’s just meat and once you take away the bones it’s not all that much food. As far as cheap meals go it’s a good choice.

  2. Enjoying the vids man. I am at a point where I really need to do something about my weight and overall well being. Thanks for showing the struggle and keeping it real.

  3. Awesome brother. I too have been experiencing this. Last year at this time I was 300+ lbs heavier. Once I increased my activity, improved the quality of food in-take, and decreased the quantity of intake….it just started falling off and it feels amazing. It’s something few will ever experience. If there is anything I can do to help or just to listen, feel free to reach out. GORDO from Charleston.

  4. If you actually want to vlog in a restaurant use a go pro or smaller action camera they have good 4k video and they are discrete

    1. I have a Session, it’s tiny and you can set it to linear mode where you won’t get the fisheye effect. Idk if it’s more convenient than a phone, but a 1 inch cube is pretty handy for a number of uses.

    2. Yeah im aware. Just not the kinda quality I’m going for. Action cameras like go pros are only ideal for action IMO.

      In these instances a phone is much more practical and less awkward. My goal is to just have the main rig everywhere I go though.

      Something is better than nothing though.

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