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I Was in a Head On Collision- Just Another Setback

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7 thoughts on “I Was in a Head On Collision- Just Another Setback

  1. Sorry to hear that happened. Hope you recuperate real soon. Thanks for letting us know in case you’re not here for a while.

  2. Whoa man–that really sucks. Seems you got a little beat up but glad it wasn’t worse –hope you have a quick recovery. I know this Nietzsche quote is often over used but “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”–hang in their brother

  3. Dang buddy! Super sorry all that happened…had no idea when texted ya lately! Prayers your way my friend,glad it wasnt any worse! Get better soon bro!

  4. Boy things change in the blink of an eye, glad to see your blink is’nt over. Healing prayers for your recovery and thanksgiving for you making it through such traumatic ordeal. Will be keeping the other family in prayers as well. So much to process and deal with to get through for everyone affected.

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