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If I Only Had One Survival Item?

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7 thoughts on “If I Only Had One Survival Item?

  1. poncho, ground sheet, shelter, water collection, dry bag, satchel…. except after poncho it would be no good as a shelter or for water collection or a dry bag. A PONCHO can do all of the things you listed and has a hood for the rain and grommets to tie out…. knife is cheating. sure there can be vines, people also weave rope from grass and bark, and how are you gonna get strong vines without a knife?

  2. I totally disagree, the greatest survivalist of the western deserts of Arizona where the Sinagua not only lived and thrived in these extreme places didnt have plastic bags, but they did have knives. I would agreee that a trash bag is useful but a knife would be my first choice if i only had one item to take. Either that or a soccer ball and perhaps give it a name, like adidas…naaaah, perhaps call it Voit….oh wait i got it call it Wilson. Yeah i like Wilson better. I can imagine that if i was alone in a survival situation and had a soccer ball named Wilson i could make it.

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