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Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator – Off Grid Power For Emergencies or Not

The Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator allows you to have electricity in an emergency power outage, natural disaster or off grid situation. Use the code ‘SOP’ for 20% any Inergy products or click the link below.

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14 thoughts on “Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator – Off Grid Power For Emergencies or Not

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      In response to your other comment (which was blocked by my totally super sensitive profanity filter) I guess it depends on what you mean by “grid down”. If you are talking about an end of the world, walking dead, apocalyptic scenario then maybe it wouldn’t be as useful. But if you can power a freezer or fridge, or some lights, or a ham radio or a medical device or -Insert appliance of your choice here – it could prove to be extremely useful even in a pretty bad situation. And something like this would be unquestionably useful in a “grid down” scenario like many are experiencing right now due to the hurricanes that hit recently.

      Additionally, this is a great option for an RV or camper. Or for a small off-grid cabin or hunting camp. At least in my opinion.

  1. Hi Brian, I love this product unfortunately itโ€™s out of my league at the moment, although I would like to challenge the 6 hour charge time via solar!! Will that be a test?

  2. Nice item, would like to have seen the frame of the panel, black (” be a little less visible) could paint it I guess, overall it’s a nice setup, like you, waiting for a more idea of a recharge time, at least it is alot quieter than gas or propane generators, I leave those at home because of the noise, nice video, and yes, let’s remember all those that lost their lives and their homes as well, God bless.

  3. So Brian, using just the single solar panel how long would it take to charge the unit to 100% on a clear sunny day?

  4. Interesting. Although, a single panel charge-up takes 15-17 hours & unless you live in the arctic, there’s not that much sunlight in a day. So, in a grid down situation, you are on a slow glide path to no power. To paraphrase Chief Brody from Jaws … you’re gonna need a bigger input.

    1. I completely agree. And, if you’re willing to spend that kind of money as an investment, you should do it properly.

    2. That’s why I think the 3 panel kit is the minimum needed for a real emergency solution. The one panel kit can still be useful, but that depends on how much you drain the battery every day.

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