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8 thoughts on “Kabar BK7 VS Coldsteel Recon Scout! : Tactical Show

  1. For me the BK7 is the winner Im happy to trade off a very few more shops or batoning blows for ergonomics and better controll for finer tasks.

  2. I’ve had my Recon Scout for about 8 years now Tac and I have had no complaints…Just like my Recon Tanto in CarbonV steel and USA made that is 15 years old…glad to see that it can compete with the Becker…love the vid Bro

  3. Cold steel is Taiwan 🇹🇼 yes ? I just picked an Ontario RD-6 that would smoke em both. 1/4″ thick nice point for stabbing, with micata scales. $70.00. Does cold steel manufacturer anything in the U.S. ?

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