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Knife & Custom Sheath GAW Prizes to Show My Support

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My friends Lee Ralph and John (The MI Woodsman) are doing giveaways, so I’m adding to their prizes to show my support.

Rules to enter for your chance to win these prizes:
Go to each channel and subscribe
Leave a reply to my comment on the videos linked below
I’ll pick winners when their giveaways end

Lee Ralph-

The MI Woodsman-

Channel Support Shopping Links-

CP Kydex eBay Store:



My address:
Country Prepper
PO Box 214
Fontanelle, IA 50846

Check out my website and follow me on social media:

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7 thoughts on “Knife & Custom Sheath GAW Prizes to Show My Support

  1. Omg that’s awsome sir. Wow I win his gaw but I just now seen this. Been sick. But would have been cool to win your awesome to give to others I love to also. But then some cool shelths you made the drop in to cool and the sideways is awesome and being a man like me fat that would be cool. But your a good man for giveing to both. Good job and god bless

  2. Subbed to both brother and will go give you a comment on MI’s channel! Would be epic to win that Companion with the Raid!!! Awesome of you CP!!

  3. I can’t find your comment on Lee’s GAW video. When did you leave the comment? Oops, just found it! Lol

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