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Lifesaver Liberty Water Filter – Because River Water Is Gross -Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “Lifesaver Liberty Water Filter – Because River Water Is Gross -Preparedmind101

  1. Looks great Chris, I was thinking it works fine as you demonstrated it but at camp I would get a 5 gal pail half full from the creek and place it above the pump for ease of pumping, as you mentioned that it was a little hard to pump because the hose was below the pump. It’s real nice though I want one.

  2. Seems alright. I still like my Katadyn Hiker Pro as my main filter and a Sawyer Mini for backup.
    Chris have you seen or tried the Katadyn Hiker Pro? Thanks

  3. Looks like it should fit my 64oz kleen kanteen, I like it I wonder how long the seal last on the mouth piece though. I always have a small bottle of iodine rich water and a small rag Incase of cross contamination though.

  4. The way are crappy water filtration has been as of late. This would be good to ad to my edc. Everyone in our state just about is having some type of water issue. If you where to have this for a bugout/camping pack I would carry this and a SS botttle and be good for boiling water and filtering. Will have to get one these soon. Thanks.

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