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Live Raffle Drawing
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6 thoughts on “Live Raffle Drawing

  1. Congratulations Chris !!! I watched the drawing but on mine the comments were closed.. I’f I couldn’t win I’m happy you did!

  2. Missed the live…I think anyhow…I’m going through my subscriber list and cant see if you’re subscribed to me…if you’re not…let me know so I can clean up my list…thanks😊😎

  3. I have no words that can describe how I felt when I heard my name. Its really hard to believe. I’m so fired up to get this. I don’t have a quality fixed blade. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jeremiah ! I have been subbed to you for a while now. Your correct, I have not commented on your videos very often but I give you a thumbs up on every one. You have a great channel. I also have a small channel. Its under my name. You have my shipping address I believe. If not, I will send it to you. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity. I just about fell over. Thanks again.

    1. Having seen this knife and sheath combination in person, it has awesome craftsmanship and the cedar is beautiful!

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