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Magazine Speed Loaders for SHTF

Magazine Speed Loaders for SHTF! Showing different magazine Loaders for Pistol and Rifle. Having tools to reload your magazines quickly gives you an advantage.

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7 thoughts on “Magazine Speed Loaders for SHTF

  1. When it comes to 5.56 ammo You always have a lot more ammo than you do magazines to put it into it. That is why I keep all of my ammo on stripper clips. Since strip lulus or very cheap. Have a couple.

  2. Good review my brother however Oregon militia and Montana militia has some of these…. but when s*** hits the fan we have suppliers just like the military has suppliers we have one supplier per platoon and one field medic per platoon I enjoy your videos very much buddy be safe

  3. I guess I’m not most people . Just in AR mags I’ve got close to a bean in loaded …I was prepared for Clintongedon .

  4. I love Maglula speed loaders. They are the most portable/compact, cheapest, and Imo the fastest. What a great piece of kit!

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