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Micro EDC Kit in a Thrunite T01 Tin & GAW Winner Drawing

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Even though my kydex business is doing fine, I have decided to take a temporary job for some extra money to buy preps and to give my family a good Christmas. Since the job is in a business casual setting I built this kit to keep my EDC from being noticeable.

~Thrunite T01 (5% OFF Coupon Code:THRUNITE , limited time!) –

Thrunite T01 is also available on Amazon-

~Gerber Paraframe Mini-

~Urgent Rx powder meds-
(These can be found much cheaper elsewhere)

~Mini Bic Lighter
~2- Bandaids
~2- alcohol prep pads
~Dental pick and toothpick
~Ferro rod (1/8″ x 2″)
~Repair/sewing kit (safety pins, needle, mono-filament)

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7 thoughts on “Micro EDC Kit in a Thrunite T01 Tin & GAW Winner Drawing

  1. Nice little kit, you could wrap the bottom of the tin, with electrical
    tape, & a metre or so of duct tape, could probably fit in there, also!
    Maybe a square of aluminum, too. Keep making, the good videos man!

  2. Great prepping idea of just doing a bit of extra work to help by preps or
    to be prepared for unbudgeted expenses. I really like the idea of adapting
    the kit to your environment. I have to do this in my work. Good Video!!

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