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New Maxpedition Enitity 21 Backpack Review

Maxpedition Entity Series is designed for Non-Tactical/Tactical Use. Perfect for the “Grayman”. Big thanks to Seth!

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7 thoughts on “New Maxpedition Enitity 21 Backpack Review

  1. I think they took some ideas from vertx with the side pockets šŸ™‚ overall looks like a great edc pack

  2. Sootch00, first time I see you walking down the street! Unusual view šŸ™‚ greetings from Czech rep.

  3. Gun owners are immoral just like channels who support guns. Guys why watch this when you can swing over and pick up a shirt/hoodie and get your values back- secureteam10.

  4. Maxpedition packs have a history of zippers blowing out. And the company routinely REFUSES TO HONOR their so-called “lifetime warranty” when a zipper fails (check out the many negative reviews on amazon dot com for proof). They want you to pay $50 for a zipper replacement. Their packs are very durable, but what good is that when your zipper is blown? No offense to Sootch is intended.

    All Maxpedition packs are overpriced. There are many other companies that offer superior products for less money. For example, 5.11, Mystery Ranch, Blackhawk, Voddoo Tactical, Eberlestock, and Condor are a few of the better companies.

    I recommend the 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Backpack which comes in 7 different colors (including grey if you are wanting the greyman look), has a 3342 cubic inch capacity, and costs only $138 on Amazon. Or the 5.11 RUSH24 pack, with a 2275 cubic inch capacity.

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