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Olight PL-2RL Laser Light Combo Review & Flash Sale

The Olight PL-2RL firearm laser light combo is designed to quickly mount on Glock or other pistol, rifle or shotgun that has a 1913 Picatinny rail. It is rugged, bright and easy to use.

Click here and save 35% on the new Olight PL-2RL laser light combo during the Flash Sale for 24 hours starting at 12:01 AM EDT, October 29, 2018. (Limit 2 per customer). And, spend at least $159 and get a free S2A flashlight.

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18 thoughts on “Olight PL-2RL Laser Light Combo Review & Flash Sale

  1. It’s not a timer that makes it ramp down its’s heat. So turning the laser off then back on will not take it back to 1200…

  2. Everyone with a (AR) is not a nut, there are alot of responsible people with AR’s, he is simply demonstrating a cool item, yes, there are those who do not need any type of gun, but then again, they use vehicles as weapons, and almost everyone uses them to, just saying. Great job Bryan.

    1. +Survival On Purpose oh, I misunderstood, God bless ya friend, great job on your videos, love your channel, and all the reviews and instructional demonstration’s you share, and answering the comments, (which is entertaining, and also most times educational as well) I know it must be time consuming, thank you.

    2. +Survival On Purpose referring to pundy 99, Im a nut that does not know how to use the comment section to good yet, my apologies :).

    3. I’m trying to figure out whether he thinks no one should have an AR or whether he thinks I’m a nut case 🙂

  3. Sorry , I just can’t see the justification for every nut case to have an AR 14. I will miss going to the stump top and starting a fire with fat wood.,

    1. When did I say anything about “every nut case having an AR”. In fact when did I say anything about any nut case having an AR? Your comment makes it seem as though you think no one should have an AR. On that, my friend, we would certainly disagree

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