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Practice with your Gear


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8 thoughts on “Practice with your Gear

  1. I used to be put on guard duty in a weapons warehouse. Thats the only time I wore armour. It was not what you have on thats for sure. We used to run in 90+ degree south Georgia heat with flack jackets on too. At least I do understand what you mean about shits different when your out with it. Have a great rest of your weekend man.

  2. I never understood why people make these ridiculous bug out bags and other outrageous bug out concoctions without testing them in a real life scenario. How shitty would it be for something to actually go down and for them not to be properly prepared? Seems a little ass backwards to stuff a backpack full of fancy gear that weighs 100 pounds. Definitely not practical. Don’t even get me started on people’s bug out firearms… Good grief, they act like real life is a hollywood movie….

    1. Also boss man tac, be cautious about carrying those mags on your backside. If you were ever to fall, they could potentially cause injury to your spine. Just my two cents though. I could be stretching it quite a bit.

  3. Great advice. Too bad here in the mid-Atlantic states its suburbs from NH to SC. Hard to find places that you won’t get tossed in jail for marching around with tactical gear on.

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