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Sheaths for Sale & Taking Limited Orders Again

If you’re interested in the sheaths I have available or want to order something else, send an email to-

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My address:
Country Prepper
PO Box 214
Fontanelle, IA 50846

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7 thoughts on “Sheaths for Sale & Taking Limited Orders Again

  1. Looks like a solid sheath! I had crap luck ordering a kydex sheath from ebay seller (ericf101501) worst service ever!! Crap sheath with even crappier retention!!
    I would stay far far away from the hack!!

  2. That’s very nice there awsome ladies love there channle and them. It’s very nice how your helping so many gaw. Maybe one day I’ll get to get me one made for a knife of mine. You have a great day and weekend. God bless

  3. Sweet looking sheaths! Awesome channel brother! Heard about you over on AOK foraging and Adventures channel. Subbed in! Big thumbs up! 👍💪

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