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SHTF Natural Disaster Communications

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7 thoughts on “SHTF Natural Disaster Communications

  1. If you are a sheepdog Ham (with back-up power to spare) and want to inform and assist the people in your neighborhood during a long grid failure, you might want to look into setting up a PirateBox message server/file server..
    It will allow those people within wifi range (of your outdoor wifi antenna) to use their cell-phones to communicate without the internet.
    Being able to call on a neighbor for help, might be just what some old senior citizen needs when it’s too dangerous to go outdoors (4 feet of snow etc)..
    One of the things that might happen during a wide-area grid black out, is NO useful local AM or FM radio stations on the air..

    If a ham with a shortwave radio can hear “news”, he can rebroadcast it on 100 mhz FM radio (one-watt FM xmitter from ebay).
    Most people have portable FM radio. When people can’t communicate with the outside world, they tend to get stressed out and might panic.
    Something else that could connect people in the area is cheap FamilyBand radios.
    If the Ham wanted to, he could make a ‘repeater’ that would retransmit one of the FRS channels on 100 mhz FM, so that everyone with an FM radio (or a car radio) could hear what was being said on neighborhood FRS channel.
    It would be an easy way to tell everyone on the street when the Gov is bringing in a load of food and water etc.. Might even be handy in case of looters too..
    During the blizzard of 1978, our street was snowed in for a about week. Fresh milk and bread came in on sleds, pulled by kids.. I can’t imagine what would have happened if our gird power had gone out for a week..

  2. During power outage Cell Towers have around 20 hours emergency generator power depending on fuel level. They keep them at 80 percent full, not 100 percent. ( 200 gallons of Diesel). Back up Battery power is around 8 hours. So total of 28 hours cell phone access during power outage. After that forget it.

  3. Good video, good points all.. .those wishing to learn more about ham radio, I saw some good videos over at Tin Hat Ranch. He has detailed info on the HAm radios and how to get your license. Thanks.

  4. This is something we hadn’t thought about. When I had to bug out with my family during the tubs fire storm in nor cal. The cell towers were gone as the fire was moving at 70mi Per hour that night. Only news was through a radio and local stations were off the air. Couldn’t get in touch with my wife’s family to find out if they were ok and we were separated on opposite sides of the fire. I ended up riding my Harley through an active burn zone to find them and make it sure they made it out of there homes before they burned. A lot learned that night. I have been watching this channel for years and although no mater how prepared you are ur never ready to bug out. But we did well because of a lot of what I learned here. Thanks for what you do man.

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