Fox River EXT-1 (CPM-3V): Slice-O-Riffic DLT Exclusive! – Preparedmind101

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GAW Winners: JX4/SXB/HydroBlu/Bug Out Roll

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Shane Wink Los Lobos by Bark River: The Godzilla Of Slicers – Preparedmind101

Shane Wink is the co-designer of the JX4 Bushbat and this is his first knife collab with Bark River Knives, the Los Lobos. We do our first impressions test/review and provide the design intention straight from Shane Wink. GET ONE (KSF): GET ONE (DLT): SPONSORS: Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6 Dealers: PM101 Morale

JX4 BushBat Front Pocket Kydex Clip Sheath (C2GFAB) – Preparedmind101

The long awaited PERFECT carry system for the JX4 BushBat is here, thanks to the mind of Gary from C2GFab. If you wanted the perfect fast draw position for every day day to maximize the karambit-style handle, this sheath is the best option out there for this knife. WEBSITE: Bushbat