Emergency Tools for SHTF

Tool List: Chain Saw, Safety Goggles, Gloves, Dust mask, Flashlight, Duct Tape, Utility Shutoff Tool, Pry Bar/Crow Bar, Hammer, Bolt Cutters, Sledge Hammer/Go Devil, Ax, Hatchet, Shovel, Lineman's Pliers. Gas Powered Generator. Exclusive Weekly Sensible Prepper videos on Survival Dispatch Insider: Be a Team Sootch Minuteman: Sootch00 Gear available at:

Hurricanes or Not, Valley Food Storage Makes Sense

All of the hurricanes, flooding, wildfires and other disasters are a big reminder that we all need to have some emergency food and water on hand, just in case. Valley Food Storage has the best tasting, all natural freeze dried food I have ever eaten. And now they have meat. Save

Don’t Get Trapped By Hurricane Flood Waters – Get A Rescue Tool

Hurricane Harvey just devastated the Houston area and Hurricane Irma may be one of the strongest hurricanes on record. If you are in a possible flood area it is a good idea to have a rescue tool like the S&W SW911B rescue knife to help escape from a flooded vehicle. Buy