Kizer Nomad: S35VN, Persian Blade, Titanium Handle

The Nomad - I like it a lot. I am naturally inclined toward Persian-style blades. Not sure why but I love the way they look. So as you can imagine, the Nomad is a winner in my book. S35VN steel, nicely made, sweet looking and this

Kizer S.L.T. Knife: Large and In Charge EDC Knife in S35VN Steel

The Kizer S.L.T. is a large EDC knife that will grab some attention. At 8.5 inches, it's not small and as you'll see it reminds me of a few different 'organic looking' knives I've seen in the past. Large, EDC, not for the woods but this knife worked

Kizer Basalt (S35VN/Ti) And Fightin’ Over Folders – Preparedmind101

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