TOPS Operator-7: The Cure For Incels! – Preparedmind101

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William Collins Master Woodsman – Preparedmind101

I like knives that stand out from the rest, and the Master Woodsman from William Collins is one of them. WC YT Channel: Website: SPONSORS: Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6 Dealers: KSF: DLT: PM101 Morale Patch: MANTIS OUTDOORS: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: MOTPM GROUP: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

Ruike P128-SF ($48): Promising New Budget Brand – Preparedmind101

I stumbled across this brand while visiting Rivers Edge Cutlery (Local Knife Store) and decided to try them out. This is the largest of the folders they offer, and I think a lot of people that want a nice folder at a reasonable price are going to like them. Rivers

TM Hunt M-18 (Part 2): First Woods Use – Preparedmind101

WARNING! Video contains animal processing (Not me, and there will be warning in the video). I thought this would be a 2 part review, but now I think there will be 3, which will probably be sometime in July. WEBSITE: Averageiowaguy Channel: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE (This

LTWK Outback CPM-3V Bushcraft Knife Review – Preparedmind101

(Also available in Saber Grind/). After putting some use in on the LT Wright Outback after the First Impressions, Will from Mantis Outdoors and I break down the knife. SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE (This REALLY helps!: Jessmuk/Bushbat/JX3/JX6 Dealers: BUY A JESS-X: PM101 Morale Patch:

LTWK Outback (CPM3V) Part 1 of 2: First Impressions – Preparedmind101

The LTWK Outback is an exclusive knife only available from . I do the "stats/impressions/initial use" thing here, and will do a follow up field use video next week with Ben from Living Survival. BUY AT DLT (They also have the Jessmuk, JX3, and SOSPES) LTWK WEBSITE: LTWK FB: SHOP AND

TOPS I.C.E. Dagger by Andy Tran – Preparedmind101

Designed with Law Enforcement and Military/Contractor peeps in mind, the TOPS I.C.E. Dagger is the newest offering from Andy Tran of Innerbark Outdoors, designer of the Tahoma Field Knife. BUY HERE: Innerbark YT Channel: I.C.E. Abuse vid: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE (This REALLY helps!: RAMBLING’S OF A

The710 Kukri Necker: Coming BLADE Show 2017 – J-Listed Preparedmind101

I like unique designs that actually work well. The710 Kukri Necker is one of those knives. Made from Cerakoted 80crv2 steel with micarta scales and a matching custom kydex sheath, this knife will not only help you look good with the ladies, but also slice stuff like nobody's business. THE710 WEBSITE:

The JX6 Companion from Bark River: NOW AVAILABLE!! – Preparedmind101

Today the 5th knife in the Jessica Series (Halfway there!) hits the streets at DLT and KSK. 1/8" thick A2 Tool Steel, Bark River made. DLT TRADING: KNIVESSHIPFREE: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE (This REALLY helps!: RAMBLING’S OF A PREPARED MIND CHANNEL: BUY A JESS-X: PM101 Morale Patch: Audible Trial