MSK1 Mini Review – How About A Neck Knife?

The MSK1 Mini can either be carried as a companion knife to the larger MSK1 or you can use it as a neck knife. Let's see how well it performs at some of that "knife stuff". Oh, and check the balance ;-) Check out all the MSK1 gear here: Please consider

Survival Archery Systems ATMOS Bow: First Use Test – Preparedmind101

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MSK1 Survival Kit Review – Long Term Survival Knife Testing

The micro survival kit in the handle of the MSK1 survival knife is from Wazoo Survival Gear so I expected great results but I was pretty impressed with how much useful survival gear actually fit in there. Check out the MSK1 here: And check out Wazoo Survival Gear here: Please consider

Is a Fresnel Lens A Good Survival Kit Firestarter? Let’s Try One

A lot of people carry a fresnel lens in their survival kit as a firestarter option. I have had mixed success using one but I decided to give the 5ive Start Gear versions a try with a few different tinders. Save 20% on all 5ive Star Gear by using Promo Code

Survival Kit For Your Car – What I Took To The Rocky Mountains

A survival kit can take many forms. If you are driving in the back country it is important to have an emergency kit with you just in case something goes wrong. Here’s a look at the survival gear I took along for a drive through the Rocky Mountains west of

Hidden Woodsmen DIY Survival Kit List – Guess The Missing Item

Here's my latest DIY Survival Kit list of what I included in the new Hidden Woodsmen Survival Kit (the Possibles Pouch 2.0). I think I have all but one of Dave Canterbury's 10 C's covered in this kit. Can you tell which one is missing? (Hint: I always have it

Exotac NanoSpark Survival Kit Firestarter

The Exotac nanoSPARK is a perfect firestarter for an Altoids tin survival kit or any other small personal survival kit. It features a waterproof compartment for tinder and a sparking wheel like a Zippo. Check it out here: Please consider supporting this channel by using this link for all your Amazon shopping:

Cool Survival Kit Gear – 5 Star Gear First Look

5 Star Gear offers a huge variety of survival gear, camping gear and tactical gear at very reasonable prices. They have some excellent items to help you build a survival kit. 2 in 1 Knife/Saw: Multi Function Knife Sharpener: Survival Tube: Emergency Tinder-Firestarters: Please consider supporting this channel by using this

William Collins Master Woodsman – Preparedmind101

I like knives that stand out from the rest, and the Master Woodsman from William Collins is one of them. WC YT Channel: Website: SPONSORS: Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6 Dealers: KSF: DLT: PM101 Morale Patch: MANTIS OUTDOORS: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: MOTPM GROUP: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

Survival Food – Tropical Snails (Tropical Island Part 6 of 14)

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Survival Kit In A Can

Learn how to use the fire steel correctly Rucksack used in this video: Content of the can: 1. Firesteel 2. Compass 3. Victorinox Hunter XT 4. Signal Mirror 5. Signal Whistle 6. Duct Tape 7. Tampon 8. Jute twine with pine resin and bees wax 9. First Aid and painkillers 10. Paracord and other string 11. Snare wire 12. Metal tin

Apocabox Forager Box – I Think I Like This One

The Apocabox subscription box from Creek Stewart and Willow Haven Outdoor has been hit and miss for me lately. This box is a hit as far as I'm concerned. Please consider supporting this channel by using this link for all your Amazon shopping: You can get a free audio book

Minimal Hikers Survival Kit

Hiking Minimalist Survival Kit Essentials to surviving an Emergency An average of 3000 people are injured or lost while hiking in the National Forest Alone. Search and Rescue Teams respond but can take hours if not days to get to those in need. Vanquest FATPack Gen 2 Maxpedition Skinny Organizer Maxpedition 12x5 Water Holder Water

SHTF Bug Out Bag (Cold Environment)

In this video I talk about the essential items of a bug out bag. Sleeping Bag: Down Mat: Tarp: Poncho: Saw: Knife: Multitool: Titanium Canteen Set: Titanium Spoon Fork: Water Filter: Fire Steel: Waterproof Match Box: Dust Mask: Compass: Head Lamp: Power Bank: Handcrank Radio: Rifle: CZ 17HMR Want to know

Battlbox Mission 25 EDC Gear 2 0 Test and Review

BattlBox Mission 25 EDC Gear 2.0 Test and Review BattlBox is a subscription box that features Shooting Sports, Survival and EDC Items. One thing that set these guys apart from the competition of top quality gear at an incredible low price. BattlBox Website: Rubber Dummies Target: Thanks to BattlBox for sending

Survival Kit – Quick Tip #1: Best Bug Out Bag Book

What's the Best Book for Your Bug Out Bag (BOB) or Your Survival Emergency / Kit??? Here's My #1 pick: Do you agree? Survival Kit - Quick Tip #1 - Enjoy! Links to My Favorite Bug Out Bag / Survival Kit Book: Full Version: Mini / Pocket Version: Discover the