Educating Wranglerstar AGAIN! Cheap Products Fail | Silky Vs Samurai

In this video I do a comparison between the Japanese Samurai ichiban saw 330mm vs the Silky Zubat 330mm. Use this coupon code for 10% off the Silky Sugowaza: treeslayer Get Silky Saws Here (CANADA) Get Silky Saws Here (USA) Get Silky Saws Here OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE HERE! Survival and Prepping T-shirts GEAR UP through this

Bugging Out with my Dog in a Kayak: Overnight Fishing Trip

I spent a couple days in the wilds with my dog and fishing Kayak, the experience was good overall but those darn flies nearly drove us both mad! The Mosquitos and horseflies really gave me and Marshall a run for our money! Gear used in this video Pelican catch 120 Kayak Pelican

100 Days Worth of Food for $100: LASTS 25 YEARS!

$100 estimate is in Canadian dollars Rice = 40 Dollars 3 Bags of Oats= 20$ Chickpeas= 20$ Beans= 20$ *Correction I meant to write "pour" not poor (although thats a good pun) and honey has antibiotic properties, not anti-septic! Get Mylar bags and Oxygen Absorbers here Get Freeze Dried Food Here Get a Home Freeze Dryer Here Get

NEW! SAS Atmos Compact Modern Long Bow

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Amazing Invention Improved: GIANT Toilet Paper Tablets!

The best invention for dealing with those number twos just got bigger and better! This should go in your preparedness kit! Toilet paper tablets rock! Check out my original toilet paper tablet video here Get Some Toilet Paper Discs here! Get some through Amazon (available soon!) MIni toilet paper tablets (500pc) MIni toilet

Why You Can’t Lose Weight: Sedentary Vs Active Lifestyle

Why you are struggling to reach your goals and some tips on how to overcome it, and how it relates to survival and prepping. See my other fitness video here Check out the Mad Max workout Motivational Videos The Ultimate Survival Physique After the Collapse Series Playlist Here: Gear Review Playlist Interviews with Youtube

An Apology: Bug Out Roll Organizer

*UPDATE!!! Since making this video I got word that production is going full tilt tomorrow with some new employees! The universe is good, ask and yee shall receive! _________________________________________________________ We have ran into some unexpected problems manufacturing the roll, the good news is quality rolls are being produced but there are delays

Bugout Roll Gear/ Color Concepts: First Aid Red

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50+ Best Prepper Movie’s and TV Shows!

★The full list: I have included al the trailers for the movies! Just click on Watch Trailer and a Trailer will come up in a pop-up. This is really nice becease you dont have to leave the site to watch the trailer! ★More Video's: ★Facebook Page: ★Instagram: ★Twitter: ★Pinterest: ★Google