Portable Parabolic Solar Reflector

In this review we check out the solsource sport, a great off grid tool that needs improvement in some areas. Get a Solsource Classic here Solsource Grill Solsource Get a Bug Out Roll Here: Get Silky Saws Here OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE HERE! Survival and Prepping T-shirts GEAR UP through this link to Support the channel (USA) GEAR UP

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): The Doomsday Device | PART 1

(PART 1) In this video I provide a comprehensive overview of Electromagnetic pulse both man made and caused by solar flare, this video was substantiated on a synopsis of the most up to date research in the field. See associated links/ reference material below. Get an Inergy Kodiak Power Generator here

After the Collapse: Surviving the Great Lakes Megalopolis

How would SHTF impact Ontario and the Great Lakes region, well watch the video to find out and discuss in comments! Subscribe to Ontarios Preppers/ Prepper Logics Channel Canadian prepping expo After the Collapse Series Playlist Here: Gear Review Playlist Interviews with Youtube Preppers Support the channel by gearing up through this link Donate to