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11 thoughts on “Taking It To The Next Level! | Primal Life Vlog – 026

  1. Very cool brother, continue a personal day of battle one day of challenges and again and again, do not care about anything other than your own personal goal, nourish your thirst, just go ahead and where you want to be. Respect of Brazil !

    1. It’s soooooo good man. Combine it with 120fps and it eliminates nearly all noticeable jitters. I’m still planning to get a Ronin S sometime next year. I’m tapped on camera gear buys till then. Spent a lot this year.

  2. Cool bro, that was a nice Back workout.. I’ve just started the functional training ( i mean.. this is how we call it in Italy) which is kinda like your workout and it is cool because you train your muscles and you burn a lot of calories thanks to all that stuff like burpees, jumping jacks ecc. Now lifting wheights is too boring for me… Keep going with the amazing work!! You are inspiring me a lot!

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