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The No. 1 Survival Tool

The No. 1 Survival Tool: Develop Mindset.
Read Good Books
How to Videos/ Websites
Be Practical Not Emotional
Training: Take Classes
Ability to Improvise
Spiritual Health

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7 thoughts on “The No. 1 Survival Tool

  1. One of the things taught in the military is that complacency kills, however in a society where people live in a complacent schedule and routine complacency becomes a “norm”. I guess my point is that you can be observant without becoming paranoid, attacks happen when no one expects them….even the prepared

  2. Just ordered escaping home. Waiting for it to come in. Great series. Hoping they would make it into a mini series, maybe Netflix

  3. I Agree! The World Has Changed Me And I Need To Adopt To My Age And Environment! You Make Me Think And That’s A Good Thing!

  4. I’ve perused a bunch of different SHTF-themed books and the best (written) ones I’ve found are:

    – Survivalist series by Arthur Bradley
    – Borrowed World and Locker Nine series by Franklin Horton
    – Oil Apocalypse series by Lou Cadle
    – One Second After (John Matherson series) by William Forstchen

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