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Thrunite T10 V2 EDC Flashlight- AA vs 14500 Battery – See The Difference

The Thrunite T10 V2 EDC flashlight runs on either AA or 14500 rechargeable batteries. It throws out 550 lumens using a 14500 battery and 180 lumens max with a AA.

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15 thoughts on “Thrunite T10 V2 EDC Flashlight- AA vs 14500 Battery – See The Difference

  1. While this will never REPLACE my Lumentop Tool AA/14500 , I WILL buy this flashlight to put in my EDC Bag. I need an excellent side switch option and this is it. Thank you Bryan, for a great review; I’m sold 😉 btw, irritatingly, no one on YouTube who uses the metric system bothers to convert to imperial so it’s very kind of you to do so.

    1. All (or most) of the Chinese flashlight companies list their specs in metric so I use the handy dandy google to convert. I am glad you noticed 😉

  2. I carry my EDC flashlights hooked in my back pants pocket, both end and side switch models and haven’t accidentally turned them on.

    A sidebar, I carry my EDC folder in my other back pocket. I never noticed them being there and they don’t jab me when I set down like front pocket carry. In fact I’m sitting in a lawn chair as I type this and can’t feel ether. 🙂

    1. Honestly, I have had my tailcap flashlights turn on accidentally on a few occasions so if I pants pocket carry, I often turn the head just enough to disable the light. It never happened in my shirt pocket. I cant wait to tryout this updated light.

  3. Sweet light.  I think I’ll be getting one.  I don’t mind a side switch, actually prefer them.  Thanks for letting us know about these.

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