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Thrunite T10 V2: New Compact $20 EDC Light – Preparedmind101


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8 thoughts on “Thrunite T10 V2: New Compact $20 EDC Light – Preparedmind101

  1. Only like what 3 years after Olight, Klarus , Manker & others put their 500+lumen single AA/14500 lights on the market. I ordered one regardless, be interesting 2 see how it will stack up next 2 the S1A, the TIR optic Olight uses is hard 2 beat in my opinion. Catapult V6, TH30, & now this little AA/14500 light. Thrunite is putting out some very nice lights lately.

  2. I came up on your vids,I’m liking your knife tests ,I seen your Ferro rod tried looking up Rick L though can’t find him, hoping you wouldn’t mind helping on that.

  3. No offense to you Chris, but I won’t buy another Thru nite. Had one for 6 months. Rolled off the edge of my couch onto the hardwood floor. About a 16″? Drop. Stopped working. Too late for Amazon to take back. Told thru nite the truth and they wouldn’t fix claiming user missuse/abuse. I’ll stick with olight, Emisar, Klaus and lastly Fenix. Lastly because they’re overpriced.

  4. is the magnet in the cap removable? To me magnetic is a letdown, as it will affect badges and similar magnetic cards…

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