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Updated Fenix UC35 Ver 2: Much Improved! – Preparedmind101

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9 thoughts on “Updated Fenix UC35 Ver 2: Much Improved! – Preparedmind101

  1. A lot of flashlights out there yes.
    But even more so is a lot of people that are a couple french fries short of a happy meal. 🍟🍔🥤

  2. what a horrible light for my eyes. Very few mfr a light with a color temp near daylight (around 5000* k.) #sad

  3. It’s almost impossible to get the perfect flashlight, because flashlight technology changes so rapidly. So, when someone finally pulls the trigger to buy one, just be happy with it. There’s going to be always a better one coming out. Just be content with the one you got.

  4. Flashlights are like women. You can never have too many. And there’s always gonna be another one you want. And, you want them ALL!!

    1. southernstyle69 ……yeah and if it has tires or t_ts , or batteries, sooner or later its gonna give you trouble

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