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UST Strike Force Survival Fire Starter – Ferro Rod

The UST Strike Force is a survival fire starter that features a thick ferro rod and space for emergency tinder storage. I like UST WetFire.
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18 thoughts on “UST Strike Force Survival Fire Starter – Ferro Rod

  1. Fatwood and Fire on a Fall Day.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Good product, I just wish they used a softer Ferro rod but they work for sure.  I keep Vaseline and Cotton Balls in mine.  Thanks for the review Mr. Bryan.

  2. I’ve been using the strike force since it was branded by Gerber 20+ years ago. They said it threw sparks that would let you move in the dark. Well we tried it on a cave rescue class and by George it worked under ground enough we were able to follow our trail out. Best system for the money.

    1. +Survival On Purpose I still have at least one, they work and are great, well nostalgic, but it’s not for winning. Haha

    2. We also used it my last years in scouts in fire competitions. The rest were using a bsa flint and steel sparkler. It dominates that environment. Haha

  3. Nice piece of Kit. My Wife and I both carry one in an outside pocket of our Packs for Emergency use. Hers has the Tinder Quick and mine has Magnesium impregnated chunks of waxed Cotton.

    My favorite and go to Fire Kit is Flint and Steel. I use Parched Fungus to catch the Spark and I always have spare Tinder. (I also harvest Tinder along the way.) This has never once failed me, even in high winds and Rain.

  4. if you need more striking ability take the cap of the compartment   lots of cord so you can strike the ferro rod   I have the black one   I have cotton and a small piece of fatwood in the handle

    1. yup I made it small enough      you can get a few fires from it  gotta go prepared  boss   I was in an area that is 1,100 square miles  this morning    things can go wrong

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