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Winter Bug Out Bag Options

With Winter in full force, updating your Bug Out or Go Bags are important to facing a survival situation. Here are some things that I’m adding to my system.

Up Armored Knives:
Ingalls Creek Wilderness Outfitters:

Be a Team Sootch Minuteman:

Sootch00 Gear available at:

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7 thoughts on “Winter Bug Out Bag Options

  1. Great advice, Sir! Yesterday I found a beautiful old Woolrich wool hunting coat at the Salvation Army store for $8. I couldn’t believe it…new they’re over $200! It’s at the dry cleaners right now. I haven’t yet decided if it’ll go in my car or will be used for camping & hiking.

  2. Would you have the link or name of that tarp you showed in the video? Thanks gives me some new ideas.. Have a great day / night

  3. Sootch00 while the tarp with Mylar is good, take the weight of the wool blanket over the tarp. The blanket will keep you warm when wet and can be draped over you shoulders and pinned in place with a couple of safety pins from your first aid kit or sewing kit that you have in your bag. This will allow you to move and also vent thus regulating you body temp. I use these for hunting during the colder part of our deer season and they have never let me down. If I start to get too cold and am building a fire, I can use the blanket behind me to work as an improvised heat reflector to warm my whole body at once. While the tarp can do the same thing, I can’t wrap up in the tarp after and maintain the warmth I just infused into my body from the fire.

  4. IMO the best duck boots you can buy are the LL Bean boots. I’ve worn them in wet and cold conditions for 25 years and my dad has for at least 50 and they’re awesome.

  5. Maybe Do A Spot On Urban Personal Backpack Survival Items For Us City Folks. Say Like Black Out A Stuck In The Subway Or Not Able To Get Home Due To Transportation Shutdowns. What Do You Think?

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