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Woods Walk With Bad News


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7 thoughts on “Woods Walk With Bad News

  1. With good meds you’ll be alright. Hope everything works out for you. I enjoy your vids. Greeting fro the uk 🇬🇧

  2. I’m sorry dude that’s fucked up my mom has lupus I’ve watched her go through it growing up. It’s some real shit I hope you get to a point you can live with it.

  3. Guns & Gadgets
    Boulder, Colorado trying to ban 2nd Amendment 3:02

    Guns & Gadgets
    Nancy Pelosi declares gun control will be a PRIORITY in 2019 3:16

    Guns & Gadgets
    Oregon redefining pistols as assault weapons? 7:01

  4. Damn bro, I haven’t watched you in a year or two and just randomly thought of you and this is the first video I clicked on, it’s shitty you’re in that condition, you were one of the first you tubers I started watching and genuinely liked. If anything ever happens we love you bro (no homo) 🖕🏻😂 but it happens to everyone might as well take it to the face, You’ve lived a long and good life and inspired many 🙏🏼

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