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You Can Never Be Prepared Enough
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5 thoughts on “You Can Never Be Prepared Enough

  1. ‘No plan survives contact with the enemy’. I think that anything one prepares is not the event that will occur. Be flexible. Best

  2. True fact…you can never have enough in your bag…learning to live with less here…keep the weight down😊😎

  3. Totally agree….there is no perfect preparation …but like you said….we can only do our best, with the time and smarts ,we have.

  4. Pure wisdom…one is none,two is one…applies to all! I think all preps should be looked at in worst case scenario, prep as if it’s all been stripped down to dark ages…learn all basics of survival(hopefully intermediate or better)and prep efficiently and as redundant as possible…then,then move on to gear…and repeat process

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